Sphere 3 Live Streaming brought to you by MMO4e

Sphere 3 Live Streaming brought to you by MMO4e

Sphere 3 Live Streaming will be occurring this weekend on the 9th.  We will be walking through basic character setup as well as game play.  Please use the twitch.tv link above to join our channel at 2pm MST. Streaming brought to you by MMO4e.

Sphere 3 Live Streaming
Sphere 3 Races

In the beginning there was Endless Darkness… And Nameless essences slept in there…

No one can tell how long it lasted, because the Eternity knows no time. But then a True Light was born in the Darkness and the Time began. Most of the Nameless died burned by the Light but the last part managed to dissociate themselves from it with the shield of a newborn materia and that’s how they were saved. Sphere 3 Live Streaming

That’s how the Sphere of Existence was created, and the Nameless continue their sleep in its depths. Then the Forgotten came from non-existence and with them it began the first coil of the world history — era of the Forgotten. Forgotten were smart and reached the heights in the magical arts, but that was compensated with their physically weakness. With the help of magic Forgotten built cities and palaces, flying in the sky. They gained an insight into the four elements and ruled over the powers of nature.

Suffering from their body imperfection, Forgotten decided to create ideal beings. To do that they combined four basic elements — fire, earth water and air and revived the result with their magic. New race became a true masterpiece and was given the name of Genuine. The Genuine met all the intentions of its creators. Mighty and beautiful, they mastered the sphere of Existence and learned agriculture and crafts. Sphere 3 Live Streaming

And then the discord was born. Cities of the Forgotten that earlier competed only in height of their spires began to quarrel with each other. The nation, that seemed to be unshakable, split and sunk into the feud. Magic battles shook the world. Forgotten rained on each other spells of titanic power that tore the fabric of heaven and turned mountains into the dust. The war lasted for centuries and it seemed that it would never end. But terrible happened: the magic of the Forgotten shook the whole sphere of Existence and awakened The Nameless.

The disaster broke out unexpectedly. The earth boiled from the far north to the south, letting the Nameless on the surface. That was the night of the Great Execution. Boldness warriors were doomed. Sharp pain pierced the body of each Forgotten, and their hearts expelled poisonous slime that ate their flesh from the inside. There was nowhere to hide from the terrible curse. It has overtaken the victims even in temples and citadels. Sphere 3 Live Streaming

But that disastrous night was over and morning came. The sun burned out black slime, leaving no trace of the Will of the Nameless. The Forgotten were gone too. Unnamed erased those who interfere with their eternal sleep from the face of the earth. Left without owners, the Genuine were looking for a new place in the changed world. Four disparate elements could no longer coexist within the same nation. First they were glued together by the magic of forgotten, but now the shackles fell. Primary elements dispersed.