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Sphere 3 – Live Stream Dual Game Play

Earlier today we did our first live stream playing the game Sphere 3 with two different perspectives on the game. If you did not see the stream then you can watch the video below.


This dual game play is the first of many to come. As we come across more games that are being released or just playing through previous MMOs we will continue to give you multiple perspectives of the game. Lets talk about Sphere 3 and our initial impressions below.

Review Sphere 3


The graphics are not terrible, but they are not that good either. The graphics reminded me of playing an old game, not one that was created recently. Sphere 3’s graphics have the ability to be increased but they do not fix the things that have the larger complaints in. Mainly speaking of the animations and one of the big ones with the character jumping. There is some major areas of improvement needed in the animations of Sphere 3 but they could be fixable.

about_races-203x300Character Creation

This was lack luster, there were not a lot of options for your character in order to customize it which means there will be a lot of characters with very similar appearances. The only sliders to speak of were to change the size of your body.


When researching Sphere 3 I was really looking forward to the action oriented combat system for the game, however in practice it was pretty ineffective. When attempting to attack multiple enemies I had to wait a second for my target reticle to focus on the new target before my attack would land on them. In addition to this when I had a wide swing it would only hit one target and not the multiple that were right in front of me. This made it difficult to grind multiple mobs at one time even having a pocket healer with me.

Healing was terrible in Sphere 3, all that really mattered was spamming the heals as quickly as you could. Granted this was not end level game play so it may change at lvl 40 but this is likely something that we at MMO4e will never see.


It was refreshing seeing that the leveling process in Sphere 3 was greatly slowed compared to other newer MMOs on the market. This shows that the game designers wanted the players to go through the vast world that they had created. The problem that we run into here is that there was no incentive in the low levels to continue playing the game. In a 45 minute session we got through creating our characters and managed to make it to lvl 4 before we became bored and wanted to do something else. This kept us from trying out anything else that the game may have had to offer including the entire crafting system, if there was one.


Sphere 3 has the ability to be a great game. But there are a lot of changes that need to be made in order to keep the attentions of gamers like us. With everything that I had read about the game I really wanted to like it, however by the time I was done with my session the game was uninstalled. We may take another look at this game in the future IF they make a lot of changes to the leveling system.

You can check out the game for yourself here.


MMO4e now live

MMO4e now live

MMO4e now live and streaming.  MMO4e will be a great place to see play by plays on all the MMO games out there.  You will hear two unique views from gamers who love MMOs, but love different content.

MMO4e now live and streaming @ (Twitch Link).  If you missed the live stream, check out our videos on youtube (here).